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Power Overview: Power – generation, distribution and management - is a critical enabler for society. Yet the development of renewable and environmentally clean sources of power, and a transition to flexible and local distribution power architectures are significant challenges. A variety of emerging developments - renewable and clean energy sources, such as solar power and fuel cells (terrestrial and space-based), and new methods of combining power and communications (wired and wireless) represent significant opportunities to shape anew the power and energy landscape

Issues: There are many significant issues that adversely affect the ability to generate, manage and distribute energy and power on a global scale, negatively impacting society, the economy and the environment, including:

  • inability to provide flexible distribution of power to geographical areas
  • lack of sufficient renewable energy and power source options
  • pending depletion of fossil fuel and coal now powering the economy
  • deleterious health and environmental effects of global CO2 emissions
  • no electricity generation capabilities for 1/3rd of the worlds population
  • parallel and duplicative infrastructure for power and communications
  • highly centralized and antiquated domestic electric grid infrastructure

Solutions: Versatility is working to develop new energy and power breakthroughs to address the myriad and significant issues cited above. Versatility provides a variety of R&D services to analyze the current energy and power landscape, designs an optimized set of energy and power options, and provides a system architecture and design to deploy innovative recommendations and options for energy and power systems. Versatility has a powerful combination of in-house expertise and connected domain experts assembled as a team to tackle the fundamental energy and power issues facing society in the 21st Century. A brief overview of Versatility's Power Solutions is available for viewing and download.