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Collaboration Overview: Connecting employees, business partners, customers, and suppliers to a common database of brand assets, rich media, workflow, corporate / industry knowledge and tools – is a fundamental way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an extended enterprise. Companies that can deploy and streamline their work processes and collaborate around content –in a secure and high performance fashion - stand to benefit significantly; leveraging and sharing best practices, improving productivity, ensuring consistency, and increasing market advantage.

Issues: There are many significant issues that impact the ability to create, review, approve, share, and distribute content and knowledge across an extended enterprise, negatively affecting time, cost, quality, and resources, including:

  • recreating the same content repeatedly at high levels of cost and waste
  • inconsistent or inaccurate usage of branding content
  • inability to access key content files and company best practices
  • insecure distribution of confidential content
  • significant amounts of needless revision and rework
  • inability to track project and content status
  • inadequate access for internal and external groups to key business data
  • extensive use of manual processes that can be automated

Solutions: Versatility can address these myriad issues through development of a client solution. The company provides a variety of services - analysis of current workflow and business process, design of an optimized process, development of a system architecture and design to deploy the new process, and delivery of an operational solution. Versatility can also provide system architecture and design, innovatitive technology development, workflow analysis, and solution delivery as standalone services.

Collaborative solutions provided by Versatility span a wide range and include Enterprise Document Management and Workflow Platforms (EDM), Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM), Enterprise Artwork Management (EAM), Enterprise Licensing Management (ELM), and Brand Asset Management (BAM). Versatility provides services using an innovative project methodology called "FullSpectrum", a disciplined and in-depth approach to the strategy, planning, design and deployment of Collaboration Solutions. A component technology approach is used that leverages existing IT investments and adds new components only as needed. Open interfaces, web services, and enabling technology for clients are deployed upon request. An brief overview of Versatility Software Solutions and Methodology is available for viewing and download.