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Versatility works with an extended network of consultants and domain experts in the areas of digital media, enterprise software, and alternative energy.

Principal Consultants

Eric Hoffert has more than eighteen years of experience leading software development teams and delivering on collaborative enterprise software and digital media products at AT&T, Apple Computer, Inc., Bell Labs and new ventures. He has a broad range of experience in consulting, design, development, and deployment of enterprise software in Fortune 500 client environments.
Paul Soukup has fifteen years of technology and business management experience at leading aerospace and software companies such as NASA, Rockwell International, Allied Signal and new ventures. He has a wide range of operational expertise leading projects, building enterprise solutions, and managing software throughout the full product life cycle.


Dr. Martin Hoffert, Consultant, Energy Services

Martin I. Hoffert is Professor of Physics and former Chair of the Department of Applied Science at New York University. He has been on the research staff of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, General Applied Science Laboratories, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Riverside Research Institute and the NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Prof. Hoffert has conducted research in fluid mechanics, climatic change, plasma physics, atmospheric chemistry and physics, oceanography, environmental science, and solar and wind energy conversion. His work in geophysics has focused on the development of theoretical models of atmospheres and oceans, to address current environmental issues.

His research in alternate energy includes theoretical and experimental studies of wind energy conversion, photovoltaic generation of hydrogen fuels, and economic analysis of alternate energy systems. Current projects include development of computer models for the build-up of atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning and its climatic impact; and the energy implications of stabilizing fossil fuel CO2. Analysis of carbon-emission-free power sources that could control global climate change from the fossil fuel greenhouse, including fuel cells, wind, biomass, solar energy, fusion, and a special focus on space based solar power as a promising energy option, is the goal of his present efforts.

Dr. Hoffert is member of several scientific and technical societies and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He has been a consultant to government, university and private laboratories, including the NASA Jet Propulsion and Goddard Space Flight Center Laboratories, Riverside Research Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Corporate Research Laboratories of Exxon Research and Engineering Corporation. He is currently an active consultant to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He holds the B.S. from University of Michigan Aeronautical Eng., an M.S. from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in Astronautics, an M.A. from the New School for Social Research in Economics and a Phd. from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in Astronautics.