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The primary themes underlying the company vision are outlined below:

  • Collaboration: Connecting employees, business partners, customers, and suppliers to a common database of brand assets, rich media, workflow, corporate / industry knowledge and tools – is a fundamental way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an extended enterprise. Companies that can deploy and streamline their work processes and collaborate around content –in a secure and high performance fashion - stand to benefit significantly; leveraging and sharing best practices, improving productivity, ensuring consistency, and increasing market advantage.

  • Convergence: Digital media content, exploding for business and consumer use across PCs, web, servers, PDAs, cellphones, digital cameras, camcorders, broadband and new devices, needs to be efficiently created, managed, distributed, used and re-used. Those companies able to efficiently manage and exploit their digital media content have an opportunity to speed time to market, reduce costs, generate revenue from content and maximize re-use.

  • Power:  Power – generation, distribution and management - is a critical enabler for society. Yet the development of renewable and environmentally clean sources of power, and a transition to flexible and local distribution power architectures are significant challenges. A variety of emerging developments - renewable and clean energy sources, such as solar power and fuel cells (terrestrial and space-based), and new methods of combining power and communications (wired and wireless) represent significant opportunities to shape anew the power and energy landscape.

Our goal is to maximize opportunities for our client base in these areas – providing solutions that optimize quantitative metrics - market share, market size, profitability, and revenue growth – and qualitative advantage – innovation, insights, and breakthrough developments.


Key company milestones to date:    

  • March 12 2002: Versatility Software incorporated.
  • December 31 2002: In first calendar year of business signed up multiple clients and achieved profitability.


At Versatility, we focus ourselves with passion and dedication in the following key areas:    

  • Solution, Product and Technology Excellence
  • Innovation and Breakthrough Developments
  • Profitability and Scalable Growth
  • Scaling of Organization and Infrastructure
  • Creating Constellations of Great Products, Services and Companies
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Client, Employee, Partner, and Shareholder Communication

Information: info@versatility-inc.com
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Versatility Software, Inc.

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