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Track Records
The Versatility team has a track record and unique domain expertise having held leadership positions at AT&T, Apple Computer, NASA, Bell Laboratories, Emmperative, Rockwell, and Magnifi; has delivered brand asset management and knowledge management solutions for enterprise users in Fortune 500 accounts, 24 x 7, in the US, Europe and Asia; developed award-winning products; collectively hold more than eleven patents; and serve in advisory capacities for key standards bodies. Key product and consulting clients that this team has serviced in various positions have included SONY, Campbells Soup, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Disney, Procter and Gamble, AOL Time Warner, and many others.

Domain Expertise

The team is expert in unique and specialized areas as outlined below.

  • Digital Media and Digital Video- extensive knowledge of digital media management, content distribution, media search and retrieval, metadata, parsing, and indexing, image processing, image and video compression algorithms, media format conversions, digital rights management, brand asset management, high-speed media distribution protocols, broadcast quality digital video, and multicasting on digital networks.

  • Collaborative Enterprise Software – enterprise systems, knowledge management, collaborative workflow, multi-tier architecture, client/server technologies, web-based high-volume applications, application security, distributed computing, grid computing, web services, and application servers.

  • Enterprise Marketing, Advertising, and Licensing Platforms - improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, branding, advertising, and licensing by optimizing business processes and applying software technology; Platforms include: Enterprise Document Management and Workflow (EDM), Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM), Enterprise Artwork Management (EAM), Enterprise Licensing Management (ELM), and Brand Asset Management (BAM).

  • Enterprise Application Networking and Communications - Hosting application infrastructure, extranet solutions, global application delivery, 24 x 7 solutions, 99.99% application service uptime, service levels and communication protocols, disaster recovery, network security, and wireless support.

  • Enterprise Components and Application Integration Strategy – enterprise solution components re-purpose, re-use, and integration, enterprise application integration, corporate integration infrastructure analysis, technical requirements definition, design and implementation.

  • Energy, Power and Communications Systems – alternative energy technologies including solar power and fuel cells (terrestrial and space-based), hybrid power and information transmission (wired and wireless), microwave and laser power and information transmission, and high-bandwidth wireless systems.

  • Technology Due-Diligence and Audit – a comprehensive “360 degree view” analysis of third party products and technologies, including architecture, strategy, development and deployment processes, intellectual property etc.

  • Product Lifecycle - The team has expertise in the full lifecycle of product development, project management and consulting, including requirements analysis, software architecture, development, deployment, rollout and success measurement and reporting.


Versatility has served as an advisor to one of the key standards development groups defining the Web Services landscape. Versatility served as an advisory member of the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) project (http://www.uddi.org), a major industry initiative including leadership from IBM and Microsoft. The project is targeted to create a platform-independent, open framework for describing services, discovering and finding businesses, and integrating business services using the Internet, as well as an operational registry that is available today.

UDDI is the first truly cross-industry effort driven by all major platform and software providers, as well as marketplace operators and e-business leaders. These technology and business pioneers are acting as the initial catalysts to quickly develop UDDI and related technologies