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Team -> Eric M. Hoffert (Patents, Publications, Books, Talks, R&D Interests)

Patents (selected):

Hoffert, E., Miller, G., Mighdoll, L, and Winner, S., "Method and Apparatus for Compressing and Decompressing Color Video Data with an Anti-aliasing Mode", Apple Computer, US Patent Number 5,046,119 (September 1991).

Hoffert, E. and Mighdoll, L., "Method for Compressing and Decompressing Color Video Data That Uses Luminance Partitioning", Apple Computer, US Patent Number 5,047,853 (September 1991).

Hoffert, E., and Green, M., "Method and Apparatus for Operating a Multicast System on an Unreliable Network", US Patent Numbers 5,561,670, Apple Computer, (October 1996) and 5,894,480 (April 1999).

Miller, G. and Hoffert, E.M., "Object Selection Using Hit Test Tracks", Apple Computer, US Patent Numbers 6,219,048 (April 2001) and 6,295,055 (September 2001).

Hoffert, E., Cremin, K., and Degen, L., “Evaluation of Media Content in Media Files”, Magnifi, US Patent Number 5,983,176 (November 1999).

Hoffert, E., Cremin, K., Ali, A., and Smoot, S., “Indexing of Media Content on a Network", Magnifi, US Patent Numbers 5,903.892 (May 1999) and 6,282,549 (August 2001).

Hoffert, E., Cremin, K., Ali, A., Smoot, S. and Strull, B., “Method And Apparatus For Uploading, Indexing, Analyzing, And Searching Media Content", Magnifi, US Patent 6,374,260 (April 2002).

Hoffert, E., Cremin, K., Ali, A., Smoot, S. and Mills, M., “Display of Media Previews", Magnifi, US Patent 6,370,543 (April 2002).

Four additional full patent applications and one provisional patent are pending. Patents granted at Apple are in use on more than 175 million computers, licensed to Cisco and IBM, and selected Magnifi patents have been deployed in major enterprise solutions for Fortune 50 clients such as Coca-Cola and P&G.

Publications (selected):

Hoffert, E.M., and Waite, C.., "Post-Linear Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Distribution", Conference Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference (San Diego, California) August 2003.

Pea, R., Mills. M., Rosen, J., Dauber, K., Effelsberg, W. and Hoffert, E.M, "The DIVER Project: Interactive Digital Video Repurposing", Special Issue on IEEE Multimedia, pps. 54-61, March 2004.

MacWhinney, B., Martell, C., Schmidt, T., Wagner, J., Wittenberg, P., Brugman, H., Broeder, D. and Hoffert, E.M, "Collaborative Commentary: Opening Up Spoken Language Databases", Conference Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (Lisbon Portugal), May 2004.

Hoffert, E., Mighdoll, L., Krueger, M., Mills, M., et. al., "QuickTime: An Extensible Standard for Digital Multimedia", Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Conference (CompCon '92), February 1992.

Liebhold. M. and Hoffert, E.M.,"Towards an Open Environment for Digital Video", Communications of the ACM, Special Issue on Digital Multimedia, pps. 104-112, April 1991.

Hoffert, E.M. and Gretsch, G., "The Digital News System at EDUCOM: A Convergence of Interactive Computing, Newspapers, Television and High-Speed Networks", Communications of the ACM, Special Issue on Digital Multimedia, pps. 113-116, April 1991.

Hoffert, E.M. , Miller, G., Chen E.S., Patterson, E., Blackketter, D., Rubin, S., Applin, S., et. al., "The Virtual Museum", Proceedings of the Imagina '92 Conference (Monte Carlo, France) February 1992.

Miller, G., Hoffert, E., Chen E.S., "The Virtual Museum: Interactive 3D Navigation of a Multimedia Database" The Journal of Visualization and Animation, Vol. 3, 183-197, August 1992.

Hoffert et. al. , "The Effect of Multimedia Telecommunications on the Global Environment", Proceedings of Multimedia Communications'93 (Banff, Canada), April 1993.

Potmesil, M. and Hoffert E.M. "The Pixel Machine; A Parallel Image Computer", ACM Computer Graphics, Vol. 12, No. 20, July 1989.

Perlin, K. and Hoffert E.M. "Hypertexture", ACM Computer Graphics, Vol. 23, No. 3, July 1989.

Potmesil, M., McMillan, L., Hoffert, E., Inman, J., Farah, R., and Howard, M., "A Parallel Image Computer with a Distributed Frame Buffer: System Architecture and Programming", Proceedings of Eurographics `89, W. Hansmann, F. R. A. Hopgood, and W. Strasser (eds), (Amsterdam, North-Holland September 1989), pp. 197-208.

Potmesil, M. and Hoffert E.M. "FRAMES; Software Tools for Modeling, Rendering and Animation of 3D Scenes", ACM Computer Graphics, Vol. 21, No. 4, July 1987.

Books (selected):

Potmesil, M. and Hoffert, E.M. “Frontiers of Scientific Visualization (special chapter), Architecture and Applications of the Pixel Machine”, March 1994, Wiley-Interscience; ISBN: 0471309729


Hoffert, E.M., and Waite, C. “Post-Linear Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Distribution”, presented ACM SIGGRAPH 2003, August 2003, San Diego, California.

Talks (selected):

"Sales and Marketing Team Collaboration and Communication", Presentation at the Dreamforce CRM Conference (San Francisco, California), November 2003

"Building the Foundations for a Worldwide Multimedia Network", Keynote address presented at the Multimedia '92 Conference (Heidelberg, Germany), October 1992

"A Virtual Interactive Museum", Macworld Tokyo, (Tokyo, Japan), 1992.

"A Multimedia Conferencing Environment for Personal Computing", presented at the Apple Technology Symposium, (Gold Coast, Australia), July 1995.

"Real Time Multimedia Conferencing and Collaboration", presented at the Apple Developers Conference, (Yokohama, Japan), 1995.

“Digital Cinema and the Infobahn”, presented at the Seminar on Electronic Cinema, (Helsinki, Finland), September 1994.

"Media Asset Management and Workflow for Corporate Marketing Applications", Invited Speaker for Oracle OpenWorld 1998 Keynote Address

"Managing Large Scale Rich Media for Enterprise Applications", seminar broadcast digitally from Berkeley Computer Science Department to the Internet via the multicast backbone, October 1998.

"Magnifi: A New Venture for Multimedia Search and Retrieval", Presentation at the Red Herring's Venture Market West Show (Monterey, California), May 1997

"Digital Multimedia on the Personal Computer", Presentation at Imagina Conference (Monte Carlo, France), 1990.

Research and Development Interests:

Media: communication and interactive systems, media content and distribution, communications satellite / cable platforms (imaging, video, audio, broadband, telephone, power), media networking protocols, wireless media systems and protocols, digital HDTV.

Enterprise: collaborative enterprise systems, messaging, content management, computer security, and biometrics.

Energy: software architectures for energy management, energy webs, alternative energy (fuel cells, solar power), interleaving power and data, demand side management, wireless power.